Tiny metal 3" lever mounted on a black plastic base. Mechanism covered by 1"x1"x1-3/4" grey metal cover. All mounted on a grey stamped steel base. These keys were used with R-143, R-159, Angara and some spy radios and some special radios. The key is also supplied in a small green case.
All plated metal key with large doorknob shaped knob integrated onto hollow plastic base with plastic cover which snaps over the key. It was made in Ukrainian Telegraphy Equipment Plant ZTA in Cherkassy. Some of its features were taken from the German Junker DRP key design. Keys were mostly used by military and Arctic weather stations. (Circ 1970)
Light metal 4-1/2" lever mounted on a black plastic base. Mechanism covered by black metal swing over cover. All mounted on a black stamped steel base. This key was first produced before WW-2 in 1938.
RUSSIAN TRAINING KEY circ 1950 onwards
This inexpensive training key has black painted stamped metal parts with doorknob style knob integrated onto a narrow black plastic base. Many of these keys were made for use in training DOSAAF (MARS) and school children in the use of the code. Greg Ulsamer reports that DOSAAF represents abbreviations of the Russian words: Dobrovol'noye Obshchestvo Sodeystviya Armii Aviacii i Flota which means in German: Freiwillige Gesellschaft zur Forderung von Heer, Luftwaffe, und Marine. In English, it is: Voluntary Organization for the promotion of Army, Air Force and Navy, a pre-military organization to train children in these fields. They are found in various colours and although appear quite cheaply manufactured, actually are quite a nice key with a positive feel.
Russian Military Mini Spy Key circ 1950
A well made Russian Mini Key with original cord and plug but missing the sheet steel / aluminium cover that would have enclosed and protected the contacts. It has conductor strips on the top side of the base very similar to the Marconi "Roadmap Spark Key from circ 1912. My research finds that this Key was used with the R104M Radio and dates from circ 1950 but would welcome input from one of our Russian Key collectors.